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Rosemary & Activated Charcoal Spa Bar

Rosemary & Activated Charcoal Spa Bar

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The Rosemary and Activated Charcoal 'Spa Bar' is a nourishing and moisturising cold processed soap made with a blend of mostly coconut oil, along with dead sea salt to make it gently exfoliating, highly scented with pure Rosemary Essential Oil and topped with calendula petals and dried rosemary.

It is great to use as a hand or body soap or a shaving soap, and with a beautifully creamy lather, it really is a luxury experience! With the activated charcoal, the rosemary spa bar is a great skin cleanser, and is even suitable for use on the face, without being drying.

Each bar is a large 120g bar. Please note, due to the high salt content in these luxurious bars, they can attract moisture in a humid environment and are much happier in a dry place.

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